Ignored checks once renting/buying a property

Away from the normal routine checks every tenant is doing before signing-up the rent contract, we will shut some lights on many other important checks most people totally ignore and will affect your comfort in that property… and here we go:

Water Slopes

most tenants will not check the water slopes at kitchen, toilets, rooms, corridors, and outside your door steps where you will be surprised when water seeps into the wrong direction…

Doors Edges

When you have a windy weather or heavy rainy one, if your door edges are not fixed properly with thresholders with tight all over edges, you will notice dust and rains come-in as well which may cause damages for your households items

Fresh Air Circulation

When you walk-into a new property you should notice how the natural air from windows and within the house is flowing to determine how healthy the property is and to know how the fresh air is getting into the property to avoid bad smells or trapped humidity within property sides.

Corridors/stairs Width

many people think it will be similar to door’s width; however, sometimes corridors are narrower which will cause a big issue for you once moving in your  furniture which may result an extra cost to dismantle/re-assemble  your furniture

Parking Access and Space

Most car parks at many properties are tight and have tight narrow turns, so you need to check the accessibility to car parks especially if it’s at the basement besides its dimensions (width x length) to park your car comfortably


The above are some of those ignored checks where each tenant has different requirements and each property has its own specifications, but rule number one is to feel comfort at your property…



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