Property Energy & Water Consumption

Unfortunately, most tenants and owners don’t pay proper attention for their properties energy, water consumption especially when they get used to a certain affordable bill amount. However, they are missing a huge saving opportunity moderately.

How to understand your property E/W map away from technical stuff?

By very simple steps, you can determine what are the main consumers of your Energy and Water as follows:

  • Identify the number of AC units and do some trails to know the air flow directions
  • Identify the most used areas and change their lights to be LED
  • Use one main Water heaters if you have many, and adjust its heating temperature
  • For kitchen equipment, try to use low power kits (usually written on the box sides)
  • Always, close unnecessary lights inside/outside the property
  • Use water features, heads to reduce water pressure within toilet/kitchen outlets
  • Utilize more and more the daytime light and get used to it
  • Clean filters regularly for all equipment as dirty ones will result high power to start-up
  • Clean your drainage and check regularly your taps, pipes are free of any leakage

How to Save then?!

These are very small steps maybe you do and more to lower your E/W bill; however, you need to enhance your savings where you can enjoy it rather than wasting it without necessity. In order to start saving, you need to do the following simple steps:

  • Change your behavior and mindset towards what you need and what you want
  • Fix small solar lights wherever you need around or within the property
  • Place transparent curtains to utilize more the daylight inside home
  • Limit your usage for normal plates, cups and use the paper ones
  • Keep the AC temperature around 23 Celsius degrees to lower the energy consumption

and many other things you can come up with to suit your lifestyle and how you want to live your life…


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