Property Location Value

One of the most important factor which excites either buyer or renter to any property whatever the property status. In fact, most investors will ask about the property location before anything as it’s very vital to determine the payback period for their capital with greedy profit most times. Moreover, the value of sale or rent will increase based on the property location, but let’s see what are the criteria to consider a good location as valuable?! sometime you will have an excellent location without any added value to your property…

General Criteria for Location Value

  • Urban connectivity to the main access points
  • Public transport links to main city’s hubs
  • Nearby commercial properties or streets
  • Nearby services & utilities such as: schools, hospitals, pharmacies, and so on
  • Future expected developments of surrounding areas
  • Smooth traffic flows and enough car park around
  • Creational and entertainment centers nearby
  • Neighbors and area overview level and culture (families, singles, religious, and so on)

Those general criteria summarize holistically the property location value which differs from one persons prospective to another

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