Moving out/In Expenses

Whether you own or rent  a property, moving out/in expenses are unavoidable. Undoubtedly, it’s a headache and hectic for most people either moving out o in any property. We shall go through light basic things you need to consider while changing your home or office…

Moving Out of a Property

  1. List of movers companies and their capabilities along with prices
  2. List of items you want to take it with you
  3. List of items you need a specialist to transport it for you
  4. List of items that needs dismantling and assembling and its serviceability later on
  5. List of accessories you want to take it with you
  6. Appoint a good transporter, carpenter, electrician, and plumper to assist you in this process
  7. Clear any legal matters, insurances, repairs or any other obligations towards the landlord
  8. Clear all your Utilities bills from the property you are moving out from
  9. List of items you will move it personally especially documents, safe box, and so on…

The above points will cost you certain expenses based on the size of property you are moving out from and the amount of items/furniture you have. However, it’s preferred to hire a good mover company to do it on your behalf where you need to expect at least one month rent amount to be spent during the moving out

Moving In a Property

In most cases, all expenses will be covered while moving out as you will consider remove/install items cost. However, here we will highlight some points where you may need during moving in a property either new or old as follows:

  1. Cleaning the property
  2. Door’s lockers and keys
  3. Check kitchen fit-outs and appliances with its power sources
  4. Electricity/water meters readings once receiving the property from leaser
  5. Check out all electrical points, lights, ACs, heaters, water pressure and so on to ensure all are working fine
  6. Check windows to ensure it’s working fine and air/dust/water tight and not shaking
  7. Try to survey the walls, floors, toilets, taps, showers, to ensure its status and no tracks of bugs or insects
  8. Check car park space, location, utilities around it
  9. Fire alarm and other special systems like gas pipes, and so on…

The above is just  few points to check while moving out and in a property; however, the general rule is to spare a money amount around at least 2 months rent value for moving out the old property and move into a new one to cover all unforeseen expenses especially for families



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