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Why do you have Bad Smell at Toilets?

Why do you have Bad Smell at Toilets?

Bad smell at toilets is one of the worst problems in any property you may find. It affects the whole ambient badly whether a home or an office. In addition, it has awful affect on occupants health, and mood. Generally, people will leave such property without a doubt and some properties will abundant due to the smell issue…

There are many reasons causing the bad smell in toilets and here are some well-known ones:

  • Air Cap is missed or not fixed properly in your gales
  • There is an air flow from outside due to a crack in the external drainage pipes
  • The connection between bidet pipes and other drainage pipes are not done properly
  • Blockage due to waste accumulation
  • Slopes are not sharp enough to let it flow down quickly
  • Filled-up septic tanks

How to get rid of such smell?

  • Do the necessary repairs if possible
  • Clean all drainage pipes
  • Close the current drainage, and place a new one (alternative)
  • Use special chemical to clear any possible blockage
  • Use special liquid to increase the flow speed into sewer pipes
  • Use Vinegar with washing soap to create a gas pressure to push bad smell out (on regular basis)

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