Business Status Before, During, and After COVID-19

In this article we summarize in bullet point what you have seen, we have just organize it for you to read what’s between the lines…

  • General Status of Economy before Pandemic 
    • The economy in general was struggling and not performing well especially the realestate sector
    • Stocks, Gold, Currencies, and USA – China economical issues were unstable and going into uncertainty
    • Investment was limited and a snowball of job losses was accumulating
    • Political tensions all over the world in many regions were rising where risks become close a world war
    • Health sector investment was the lowest in many countries either in personnel or facilities
    • Unstable oil prices and dispute over market shares between producers
  • Economy During Pandemic Period
    • Curfews, lock-down was an accelerator to economic recession in less than a week
    • The concentric globalization is very dangerous and local supply/manufacturing is a strategic national security factor
    • Health threats on people lives caused a panic buying in food supplies stores
    • Online business, learning/education, online retails, delivery companies, and online services were flourishing
    • Other conventional businesses such as construction, realestate, hospitality, travel, tourism, restaurants, and more were hit badly
    • Uncertainty level has reached the red zone in many countries
    • Governments got involved and pumped huge amount of money to support businesses
    • Mass layoffs and budgets cuts all over the world
    • Air cargo were flourishing regardless the high cost
    • Oil prices went negative due to no-demand status from major consumers
    • Hygiene products, medical masks, protection utilities were flourishing due to the extreme high demand globally
  • Economy During Recovery of COVID-19 side effects
    • Business identities are trying to adopt the online streamline parallel to conventional methods
    • Online business/education has got a fixed shared in the market, but not flourishing like during the pandemic
    • Limited investments in construction, an realestate due to high percent of unemployment,  salaries cuts, budgets cuts, and customers new behaviors
    • People spending is based on the necessary needs only with more saving orientation without investing to avoid being drained-out during any risky situation
    • Banking, insurances are now more strict due to the slow-down of economical growth globally
    • Governments are trying to limit expenditures to speed-up the recovery in their budgets due to the pandemic
    • Companies are still unable to respond and understand the changes where they expect everything will come back to normal (this may cause a second economic rescission)
    • travel, tourism, hospitality, airlines, oil companies and related industries  are slowly recovering from the pandemic, but not well
  • Economy Future Status
    • There are many predictions and anything can happen, so no one is definite about the economy new norms
    • Business modules are being revised and restructured to cope with current recession
    • Social, security threats are now the highest due to economic rescission and layoffs (this is a very long effect)
    • High logistics fees and transportation cost will increase the cost on consumers as many new restriction
    • Goods Retails are under high pressure due to high logistical fees and limited spending from customers
    • Online streamline is now one of pillars of any business module
    • Delivery options are now essential for any business module not as luxury or extra feature
    • All recovery assumptions, and predictions are not sure on the  recovery way or time needed to reach a breakeven point
    • COVID-19 is an opportunity for the economy to become better and stronger than the time before the pandemic if political well intends to do so…

We tried to summarize the facts as it had happened and some are till happening; however, the most dangerous factor due to COVID-19 is the social, security threats as it did affect awfully people lives from many aspects such as: psychological issues, economical issues, mental issues, human relationships, human interactions, theft issues, forger issues, more homeless, more hunger issues, and more will reveal as people go back to normal life…


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