Money Talks – Is it true or an excuse?

We do hear this expression linked to a harsh decision either good or bad based on he situation and case by case; however, do you think it’s money who talks on our behalf? or we take it as an excuse to cover our weakness and fear to take decision with unpleasant consequences…

Sometimes. we don’t have control and the hard decision should be made, but the current leadership mostly are really awful in conveying the message properly to the receiver, so they use the term “Money talks”… Now, let’s have an overview specifically in realestate where “Money talks”:

  • Money talks when you can’t reduce the prices but you can raise it up!
  • Money talks when you want to get the rent check even though you know the tenant cash shortage
  • Money talks when you reject to cancel the contract, because tenant has lost his job or income source
  • Money talks when you do cheap maintenance for the properties
  • Money talks when you want to charge your commission without providing full services
  • Money talks wen you deceive people to sign-up for unfair contracts

Those are just few examples, and as you see, all the above are our actions based on our wills. Money talks is mostly alternative expression for “Sorry, I am greedy”. On the other hand, let’s see how money talks from good prospective using the same bad example above:

  • Money talks when you adjust your prices to response to market status
  • Money talks when you give a grace period for the tenant or postpone check due date with red-alert fairly
  • Money talks when you accept t cancel the contract if your tenant lost his job; as it pays off for good reputation and more client to come for you…
  • Money talks when you do good maintenance to last longer and save more money to you
  • Money talks when you provide full services in return of paid commission
  • Money talks when you clear all contractual issues for your clients before sign-up, so you save your time, money and effort later on

Now, we hope you would use “Money talks” aligned with good prospective with manners and dignity away from greed and being mean… Greed will set you high, but its fall is way deeper

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