Your Degree is just a tool – Focus and Hit the Goal

Recently, many degree’s holders such as PhDs, MBAs, BSc, Engineering, Medicals, lawyers, Business, and many others, you name it; their job security is extremely weak due to the economic side effects of COVID-19 and economic recession. Also, the expenses/cost of life are getting higher day by day where regular 5-9 job pay slip is not enough!

Degree’s holders are considering their career to be the only thing they know in this life without considering the big picture! such as a fighter who knows the hi-kick is the winning move but not utilizing any other part except one leg!

It’s awesome to be good at one thing and become a professional in it, but you should utilize that professionalism in many ways other than 5-9 job! you should rise the following questions:

  • How can I generate income from my experience and my gained knowledge?
  • How can I compete or represent these knowledges in the market?
  • How can I utilize my career into trade market?
  • Are those knowledges required by consumers or specialists?

However, those questions will lead you to no-where! as you limit your self to one field! let’s take this real example based on one real story…

  • One example, a professional doctor who was a surgent and advances his career progressively but financially it’s not fulfilling his needs, so he started his own clinic and due to many reasons he failed to sustain, so he shifted to medical equipment supplies and succeeded very well, but he realized that he has another skill which was polished over years silently in his career as a doctor which is great communications with professionals and ordinary people, so he expands his supplying business to be more generic and gain new experiences
  • Another example, a professional engineers who opened his own chain of restaurants, utilizing his analytical skills and management experience to create such great  chain of restaurants.
  • Another example, a PhD holder who was retired from collage teaching, who decided to opened his retail shops based on students behavior study to select the best products to sell!
  • Another example, a graduated chemical engineer, who couldn’t find a job, but he started a YouTube channel to explain healthy life style utilizing his great ability to organize, and present info in symbolic way…

All the above is to show you one simple thing, your study and degree are giving you the guidelines, borders, laws, methods, analysis capabilities, power to utilize your potentials, or maybe a polished hoppy…

Unfortunately, the educational system programmed our mind to limit our potential to one field/specific area, so we will be excellent at to serve cooperates indefinitely while we should consider it as a stage to reach our common desired goal which is financial freedom and build on it the other goals

Be sure that your potentials are limitless, just focus and think beyond the brooders forced on you…

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