Property Management – New trends 2021

Property management is defined as the turn key services for assets/properties owned by landlords/developers. The classic services are as follows:

  • Money Rent collections
  • Leasing
  • Evictions
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • legal contracts matters (renewals – and so on)
  • Insurances

However, these are the minimum level of property management you get from average companies… Nowadays, there are new trends where different level is provided at the same average fees on landlords or developers which can be summarized without going into details as follows:

  • Financial Management
    • Money collections
    • Cash flow management
    • Money investment plans
    • Create new sources of income from the assets/property
    • optimization the expenses, fees, cost
  • Facilities Management 
    • Maintenance and Repairs
    • Warranties and preventative works
    • Upgrades plans and process
    • Professional Planning for works
    • Getting into partnership with suppliers (this is linked with financial and marketing services)
    • Sustainable approaches in every aspects for resources and utilities
    • iBMS implementations
    • Cleaning and disinfection process
    • General services, and logistics
  • Contractual Management  
    • Contract normal admin works
    • Dispute procedures and process
    • Legal issues resolving
  • Marketing/Sales Management 
    • Sponsorship deals and agreements
    • Brand creation, maintaining, and enhancement
    • Marketing campaigns showing special, creative privilege’s
    • Membership tenants/owners program internal and externals
    • Sales easy approach
    • High efficiency communications personalized channel
    • Entertainment Programs
  • Integration Services Management 
    •  Statistic and demographical reports
    • Tenants/owners analysis reports
    • Medical persuasions especially with current Pandemic and future ones
    • Customer relationships especially with high job loss, and high unemployment
    • Automation of services to be contactless and faster

This is just a short summary to start your brain storming and create your own module of services as a property management company where the creativity part is a derivative of your objectives, goals, vision, mission and your company values which all form your company strategy… In short, be creative – be competitive – be client centric 

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