Business Ethics vs. Greed

Away from business analysts and experts with their fancy terms and complicated generic predictions based on what they call it “Social business science” as they show-off with their limited NLP basics with superficial idea about morals and ethics…

Now, most readers will close the window as they either felt exposed or they don’t want to be lectured assuming we are naïve in the business world. Unfortunately, the current business environment is full of distinctive delusion fueled by people greed to gain money and maximum profits utilizing all ways which are not necessary illegal, but definitely not ethical…

We are not lecturing you about business ethics, or going into spiritual, religious believes, but we are trying to remind you all that we are living on one planet together where you need to remind yourself that you are a human being. Basically, what differentiates us from animal is our behavior towards each others otherwise we are just talking animals!

This subject is a very controversial debatable issue based on your mental maps and internal states on how your perceive the reality of external world! but let’s take few points as a highlighters for you on your way to consider:

  • Be ethical in your business and automatically, you will be legal fulfilling your social responsibility
  • Be greed in a good way where you enhance the quality of people life (society or even your employees)
  • Be sharp and strong to limit the corruption not to utilize it for your own benefits
  • Be a human being not a machine
  • Be the controller of the money, not money slave
  • Be the rock, everybody fears not as a money monster, but as no delusion or dirty tricks can go through
  • Be honest, fair to everybody deals with you, especially with corrupted minds to show them the proper way
  • Be the example everybody wishes to be

Those simple points will make a difference on your journey in business. You will make less money, less profit, and perhaps on longer time span, but your business will survive for many generations as an example of  ethical business with social responsibilities…

Right now, you will say very nice dream, which wouldn’t pay the rent and wouldn’t prevent dirty competitions; however, it does add value to yourself as everybody can easily be a business person; but not everybody can be an ethical business person…  



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