How to own a property without money!

This is one of the most important milestone in any persons life which is owning a property whether that person is a family man or single. Fundamentally, it’s one of the basic need in human life to own or have a shelter…

How to own a property nowadays is extremely expensive, but that’s mean the market is definitely going to hit the lowest bottom ever within a year or less as many global experts predicted recently considering the energy crisis and the geopolitical issues…

So, how to be prepared to own a property from now?…

  • Try to maximize your savings and limit your expenses
  • Don’t start any new investment in 2022, as it’s the tip-over year
  • Reduce or eliminate current liabilities
  • Scale down your rented unit, it’s hard, but worthy…
  • Calculate the total amount you have as cash or as assets
  • Check how much loan you can get from banks, and installments plans
  • Keep exploring the unit prices which are likely to drop down close to your total savings

In this case as a middle class fighter, you keep your self ready to hunt the possible opportunities coming on your way, and never ever follow the people trend as they are controlled to be directed by fake media and delusional influencers…

It’s enjoyable to spend money on luxury, cars, fancy coffee, travels, and so on… but eventually, you will miss a chance to be rich… the next article is: Buy first unit, to be rich!

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