What after the world cup?

This is a typical trend every 4 years especially at the host country of the world cup, what is going to happen after the world cup economically? for all sectors! However, based on studies for the last 10 world cups the impact varies from country to another based on many variable parameters where the common immediate impacts are as follows:

  • a sharp drop in constructions
  • a steep fast drop in real-estate market on both rent & sale
  • a sharp drop in hospitality sector
  • Gradual drop in logistical requirements and transportation
  • a temporary raise in tourism sector, and then it goes to norm levels
  • Shrink or withdrawal in investor’s money
  • Mass terminations for staff, especially in sports, and event management
  • Re-structure in all business sector to accommodate the real size of country economy without catalyst

As a matter of fact, the above had happened in all host countries of the world cup in different scales, for example, Japan, Germany, and Russia were less affected due to their economic size and its  position globally (Part of G20 and G7); while, South Africa and brazil had got a temporary high surge with a sudden drop-off in all sectors

Moreover, the current global political issues and conflicts will amplify the uncertainty level and affect the economy parameters dramatically where world cup 2022 is coming after the pandemic among unbalanced political issues in the whole globe where the host country (Qatar) is located at GCC where Qatar is one of the main gas producers and affected like its region by the global political issues nd energy crises; however, the country itself is stable, safe, and wealthy…

Here is a list of World cups since 1930 (Host, finalists, champ)

  • 1930 in Uruguay: Uruguay def. Argentina 4-2
  • 1934 in Italy: Italy def. Czechoslovakia 2-1 (ET)
  • 1938 in France: Italy def. Hungary 4-2
  • 1950 in Brazil: Uruguay def. Brazil 2-1
  • 1954 in Switzerland: West Germany def. Hungary 3-2
  • 1958 in Sweden: Brazil def. Sweden 5-2
  • 1962 in Chile: Brazil def. Czechoslovakia 3-1
  • 1966 in England: England def. West Germany 4-2 (ET)
  • 1970 in Mexico: Brazil def. Italy 4-1
  • 1974 in West Germany: West Germany def. the Netherlands 2-1
  • 1978 in Argentina: Argentina def. the Netherlands 3-1 (ET)
  • 1982 in Spain: Italy def. West Germany 3-1
  • 1986 in Mexico: Argentina def. West Germany 3-2
  • 1990 in Italy: West Germany def. Argentina 1-0
  • 1994 in USA: Brazil def. Italy 0-0 (3-2 PKs)
  • 1998 in France: France def. Brazil 3-0
  • 2002 in Japan: Brazil def. Germany 2-0
  • 2006 in Germany: Italy def. France 1-1 (5-3 PKs)
  • 2010 in South Africa: Spain def. the Netherlands 1-0 (ET)
  • 2014 in Brazil: Germany def. Argentina 1-0 (ET)
  • 2018 in Russia: France def. Croatia 4-2
  • 2022 in Qatar: France def. Argentina 2-4 (PKs)


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