Why do you have Bad Smell at Toilets?

Bad smell at toilets is one of the worst problems in any property you may find. It affects the whole ambient badly whether a home or an office. In addition, it has awful affect on occupants health, and mood. Generally, people will leave such property without a doubt and some properties will abundant due to the smell issue... There are many reasons causing the bad smell in toilets and here are some...

Ignored checks once renting/buying a property

Away from the normal routine checks every tenant is doing before signing-up the rent contract, we will shut some lights on many other important checks most people totally ignore and will affect your comfort in that property... and here we go: Water Slopes most tenants will not check the water slopes at kitchen, toilets, rooms, corridors, and outside your door steps where you will be surprised when water...

The Truth About “NOW” Real Estate Industry

Realestate industry is going through very crucial stage where some analysts consider the market as a dead end for investor's money where most have lost their unrealistic profits from economical bubbles most times. Our viewpoint is totally opposite where we see the current market situation is a correction tool to clear-out and get back the money to it's real value and crash investor's greed... Bad...

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