The Ugly Truth no one tells – Realestate Saver!

This is article will annoy many developers around the world as realestate market is going through a very difficult situation because of 2008 crisis and Pandamic of 2020! This is what media is publishing and enforcing in our minds where the real reasons are totally different and each developer knows the ugly truth... In this article, we are not subjective, we are presenting our viewpoint from HomyFinder...

Money Talks – Is it true or an excuse?

We do hear this expression linked to a harsh decision either good or bad based on he situation and case by case; however, do you think it's money who talks on our behalf? or we take it as an excuse to cover our weakness and fear to take decision with unpleasant consequences... Sometimes. we don't have control and the hard decision should be made, but the current leadership mostly are really awful in...

Rental Contracts & Sales issues

Major factors Currently, the economy is going into a progressive recession due to the Pandemic which accelerated the process to be on early 2020 rather than its forth quarter where there are some major factors are affecting the realestate market specifically as follows: Budgets cuts and limits Employees terminations and salaries cuts SMEs are struggling and many are closing Large Companies...

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