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Weak C-Suite level & Uncertainty

Nowadays, the pandemic exposed many C-Suite level weakness in taking brave decisions bounded...
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Property Management – New trends 2021

Property management is defined as the turn key services for assets/properties owned by...
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Your Degree is just a tool – Focus and Hit the Goal

Recently, many degree's holders such as PhDs, MBAs, BSc, Engineering, Medicals, lawyers,...
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Worldcup influence on Realestate

We know this is the most interesting topic every one at Qatar and the world (Host of Worldcup...
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The Ugly Truth no one tells – Realestate Saver!

This is article will annoy many developers around the world as realestate market is going...
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Money Talks – Is it true or an excuse?

We do hear this expression linked to a harsh decision either good or bad based on he situation...
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Rent Prices – Thoughts and Opinions

Almost every person in real-estate market is asking this question periodically or when some...
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How to boost your properties sales!

Properties sales are the most challenging part in realestate especially nowadays with the high...
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How to Join HomyFinder Platform? Detailed Guide

Membership Main Basics: We welcome all agents, developers where they an have their...
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I have lost my Job! What to do?

Currently, the rate of job loses is high due to the economical recession which was accelerated...
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Salary Cuts & Life

Almost all companies are now cutting their employees benefits and salaries to cope with...
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Opportunities at Rescission time

Most people will feel down at these difficult times and there is no doubt that nowadays are...
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